Thursday, 30 January 2014

Dairy Farmers "Field Blueberries" Yoghurt.. REAL DEAL for Berries fans!

(To skip super exciting SHENGSIONG ADVENTURE and jump right to the yoghurt review.. scroll all way down)

I'm gonna jump in straight to my chaotic "adventure" at ShengSiong today..
I've always complained about not be able to get ripe bananas whenever I decide to bake some good old traditional banana muffin.. **also cause by the time I's late afternoon** FRESH RIPE BANANAS at ShengSiong for $1.20! Insane! Insane! I love Chinese New Year Sprees!! :)

So foolish me... grabbed ONLY one! :)) *So SMART!** So I am home right now.. feeling super lousy cause I didnt get more!I am not even going deeper into this... **A Confirm sign age is catching up..**
(WARNING! Don't'll get to you sooner or later)
then it's the veges....cause the staff was insanely packing 3-4 types of veges all in a bag and rolling them at $1!! that is crazyyyy!!! and at the same.. they're all still fresh and green!! My family's going vegetarian for a week,baby!!

I have an ultimate weakness for SPINACH! as long as I they're new on the shelves.. GREEN and fresh! GRAB!
ROUND Spinach! even better!GRAB!
 they taste better than sharp spinach! Do you agree??
Spinach soup rocks! toss in half cut fishballs! They go so well with hot fragrant fluffy white rice..! YUM!

In fact I must stress that it wasn't such a pleasant shopping experience... Aunties were grabbing the $1 bags like pros! So me.. being the slowpock at first, picked up the skill ALMOST INSTANTLY and also GRAB GRAB GRAB!
Each time I grab a bag before the Auntie beside me does.. IT feels like a total triumph!hahaha!! The pleasures of a STAY-AT-HOME-MOM!

So this Auntie beside me (wearing ORANGE wedges to the market, MIND YOU!) I suspect she likes round spinach too! We didnt say anything but it seemed like we're eyeing for the same bundle!

She tried to "accidentally" nudge me with her elbow.. The nerve!!! * NO MORE MRS NICE!

So when the ShengSiong guy threw a new bag in front of us.. I spread my "wings" and catch it airborn!
and then I toss it into my bag and walk away like a Shengsiong Queen! BAH! TAKE THAT AUNTIE! **PFFFT** I may look not wear ORANGE WEDGES but I'm NIMBLE!

GOOD BUYS always come in the same package with LONG QUEUES... the place literally turned into a wet market with  male staff shouting "LELONG LELONG" AH!
The atmosphere was intense and hyped! Their calls Encouraging all the Aunties and Grannies to grab  grab grab! I think before 4 can close shop!
Inspite of my regrets.. I am happy with my purchase.. nothing like being able to grocery shop and pay more than half the regular price! Casey wanna call me cheapskate or poor?? I dun bloody care! It feels awesome to get good produce at a good price!

So I am finally home..Chillin' for a lil while before I start mashing the bananas for a good recipe.. :))

In the meantime.. enjoying another new flavour of Dairy Farmers.. It's "Field Blueberries" this time.. Texture smooth and Creamy.. **as always like it's other flavours.. which is why I this brand is my ultimate pick!**

If you're a berries lover.. this would please you very much.. the chunks of blueberries burst with slightly sourish goodness and complements the also "blueberry" flavoured yoghurt.. I would say it is very rich with blueberry flavour.. unlike some brands I've tried that literally toss in the berries into plain flavoured yoghurt.. so you won't get the real berry deal..

I would give it a 7/10 cause I'm not such a berries fan... I usually need to be in the mood to wanna have something on the sourish  that still retains Dairy Farmers "Yellow Box Honey" at top place!

I have actually tried another flavour by Dairy Farmers... The flavour falls within the berries family.. BUT with a slight unique twist to the texture... and I would have to admit.. I might just replace "Yellow Box Honey" with this "particular one"..
I am getting another pack of "that one" and will share with you my review soon..
In the meantime..if you're in the mood for a low fat berry treat.. "Field Blueberries" is worth a try!
Thank for reading...and Have a good weekend

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Yellow Box Honey Yoghurt! That already sounds insanely good!

I am such a sucker for yoghurts .. it's insane! My initial love was the Yoplait Cherry yoghurt! but eversince I tried the Dairy Farmers range.. I never looked back.. :)

My ultimate favourite flavour is French Vanilla.. Good ol' fashion French Vanilla..
 but not all brands can "capture" that perfect flavour, creaminess and smell of True vanilla.. like Dairy Farmers.

Yoplait was my second choice but eversince they improved on the Vanilla flavour.. it's off my list!

So I was off to get a new tub of Dairy Farmers French Vanilla.. but I came across "Yellow Box Honey". What kind of a name is that!!? 
It sounds so HORRIBLY awesome I need to try it!

I am not sure if this is a new flavour or perhaps I just never noticed it before? but I got a small one and  

Yoghurt fanatics! YOU NEED TO TRY THIS! No chunks of honey comb watsoever... before you get wild with the name..
but the flavour is rich.. just right amount of sweetness..creamy..

 I love every spoonfull. I was so afraid I'd reach the last scoop!

Dairy Farmers is a genius.. I will try every flavour now.. to make sure I dun miss out on any new ones. Never disappointed!
Highly recommended by me (Yellow Box Honey GOODNESS! OH MYGAWD!)
 and tell me whatcha think?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

"Chocolate chip cookies" with a twist!

There is a reason why my kitchen never runs out of Hersheys chocolate chip cookies.. cause I feel there's a need to toss some into all my bakes! I know that is crazy but I can't help it.. (I am not getting a commission by Hersheys for this..) I have to say.. you should always have a bag too!
Melt it? Top it? Eat it on it's own? It always tastes good!
 If youre gonna give yourself a treat and spare yourself some calories.. make sure it's worth it!
So Hershey lovers unite! let's get stocking!:)

I was in the mood for some good ol chocolate chip cookies but I had to have that moist and soft chocolatey bursting flavour all rolled in one.. so ....... today's choice would be Chocolate chip cookie dough cuppies!!

If you notice there are traces of colours in the batter.. which apparently is a requested by my youngest one to have M&Ms thrown in (these are the dark chocolate M&Ms so it didn't turn out brutally sweet!)

So this is what it turned out to be.. It's chewy and moist (like a soft cookie.. only better and a mouthful) :) Apparently, the boys usually like their cookie dough crunchy.. but somehow.. they enjoyed this one very much! Packed some for their school treats... and the rest was all mine :)

Thursday, 16 January 2014

With nothing much left in the kitchen... Rainbow cupcakes it'll be!

I am a lil drained today...but I wasn't gonna give the oven a break..
There's this sense of motivation when my kids come up to me and ask

" Mama.. so "What are you baking today?" 
It's like this looking forward to what I am going to come up with for their dinner dessert (A good tip to encourage my boys to  finish their greens and watever is being served).. and jump into Mom's home-made treats.. My elder one looks forward to bringing his treats for school recess and that I would say is a good sign! I can't cook for nuts! but my boys are diggin' my bakes! **thumbs up** (sense of mother empowerment)

So.. I was not gonna say that there weren't actually anything special for that day.. So I dug in to my baking drawer and got out watever thats there and try to fix something happy and good enuff to gobble..

All I could think off with a fuzzy brain was "Rainbow Cupcakes.. topped with vanilla frostings and M&Ms.. Got the boys to help out this time.. (more mess..:) but thats all good!)

Just to fast forward.. Here are the colours I whipped up..
I must say Id stick to 4 the next time round.. so that the colours would turn up "fatter" in line..

I started off with and red..
I wanna go easy with the colours and stick to pastel shades.. I personally find them more tempting-friendly to eat.. :)

My rainbow cuppies ended up with cute muffin tops and I wasnt complaining cause I reallly dig this "mushroom-look" ! :))))))))))))))))))) We thought it looked very cute!

My elder one decided he had good piping skills (which I suspected that he was itching to try my new piping bag and nozzle) But for a first timer... I would say he did a pretty good job! The younger one was yelling cause he wanted to get hands on too... so he was in charge of  planting M&Ms into the awesome frosting! :)

I would suggest if you ever try baking rainbow cupcakes.. stick to white plain cupcake liners :) the colours will show through and definitely prettier looking!

So what did the inside turn out to be??...

Reminds me of lava? and the cross section the Earth?? Dun ask me why.. I guess it's the way the colours arch in..
Moist.. vanilla smellin' and happy colours.. That's good enuff for the boys!
Here's another day as a HAPPY MOMMY! :)

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Going traditional with a modern twist : Chocolate Blossoms!

I MUST ADMIT I have zero experience when it comes to cooking..
oh! OF COURSE I love eating but gravies never turn out the way it shud be :/
I loveeeeee traditional Malay cooking and would never give it up for the world!

So as not to disappoint myself after spending 2 (maybe 3 hours) to cook a simple lauk like curry (dun laugh! ).. I have decided to just leave this lauk expertise to my Mom and MIL!.. who never failed in their masakan.. though at times, one might say shes missing this ingredient and that..or finish cooking a 3 course meal within an hour!?!?! (how amazing is that??!

I even think Flash can cook up a storm like these ladies the kitchen!??
I have no idea how they get away with it .. with me having second helpings and thirds! 
I'm that "vulnerable" when it comes to Mom's cooking..But you have to agree that is skill!

So today! I am going to be brave.. to try... NOT A LAUK! BUT an old traditional kuih.. which has been a favourite among everyone.. the COCONUT BLOSSOMS! err... wait wait... I wasn't daringgggggg enuff to stick to the coconut filling.. so I sustituted it with Hersheys chocolate chips
( since I had some from the muffin day *GOOD EXCUSE*)

Also this is the first time I using the "steam" feature on my oven! :) First time! so dun judge me pls....

After the batter... filling and batter... polka dots using MANUAL! yea yea.. I hear you... I didnt have my piping bag.. AND I ran out of ziplocks..So this is my best polka dot with a shaky hand!
I was impress with the steaming feature on my oven cause my first "kueh" did turn out and easy to control!

My blossoms turned out soft AND spongy AND the Hershey's was a bullseye for the  kids! Cause the recipe I chose didn't indicate that HONGKONG flour was most preferred requirement..*rolls eyes*

I used All-purpose flour! I know I know.... BUT it did rise only think it lacks fluffiness!
So next round.. HONGKONG flour  for the perfect blossoms!

Nevertheless... my boys were happy campers! The young one had a tupperware full.. ALL to HIMSELF! (for breakfast! BAD BAD MUM!
 The older one had his share as lunch break treats in school.. 

You know it's this thing about baking that at times.. it might not turn out that picture perfect but your kids are delighted to have them and you see them munch it all down before your eyes? 
It's a super super feeling of satisfaction for a Mom.. And I absolutely love this feeling :) 

so it doesn't matter if my muffin turn out rocky or lob sided.. but if it's a mouthful of all the awesome goodies we love all packed in one.. Just as long as my boys are enjoying my home made treats.. 
My oven's not sleeping.. :))))))))))))))) *grins*

And so you see here... this is the aftermath.. in my opinion.. SUCCESS! Amateur ok!?!?

**NOTE: Some of the blossoms lost it's polka dots and ended up with galaxy like streaks?!?!?!  
I forgot to share to never ever bake blossoms after 8pm, especially after you had a whole day of chores.. 
this is one back breaking "project"!
I finished and kitchen lights off after 12am.. and so this explains that "surge of creativity" for my last batch of blossoms.. :)  
Oh Well! will try it again and have them posted!

I officially award myself the bravery award for "baking traditionally" today 
(with a twist of modern, I'd say)

Monday, 13 January 2014

Angry Bird Fishcake: It's a skip next time..

In my aim to make meals for the boys fun.. I decide to give the Angry Birds fishcake a try..
Saw it posted online a coupke of times..I thought I'd pop some into our Monday congee to add a tinge of red! Grabbed my pack from ShengSiong Supermarket!

However............................ inspite of all the excitement... the fishcakes didnt taste very good in our opinion. In fact, my boys felt like it didnt even taste like fishcakes.. it was quite starchy and unflavourful..
but of course some others may like the chewy texture and prefer more floury fishcakes *shrugs*.
So the boys had just like two each and Mama  and Daddy had the rest of the Angry Birds to ourselves :/

This was our first purchase and definitely the last..We'll be sticking to our regular favourite brand Dodo :)))) plain boring but awesome taste.. with no fishy smell too!

Sunday, 12 January 2014


Wow! How long has it been? I remember the last  time I had some "me time" was probably a month ago.. before the first day of school madness and the new 2014 change of routines..
With my lil' one starting school this year.. .. there's two lunch time preparations, split shifts of chores in between shuttling..Twice the tasks!.
In a nutshell, running double load for 2014.. It's a tsunami each day.. but GIVE IT TO MOMMA! :)

Nevertheless, I am all up for fruitful days.. apart from just running as a domectic diva self..
Got a brand new "baby" to keep me busy baking this year.. My one and only water oven! *LOVE LOVE LOVE*

It's time to get the recipes rolling and pampering the boys with treats with double the choc chips double the sprinkles.. the way we like it!

SOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo......................... I've started and our first choice had to be


No compromise! :)

My baby doing it's magic!

Love it homemade! Then it's double the choc chips!
 Now take a lod of that! *Pleased* It's my first attempt and the whole effort came out perfect just the way I wanted it!
Moist with bursting choc chips  at every bite!
Real deal riped Bananas that hit my whole kitchen with the sweet traditional awesome aroma of cinnamon.!
Not a very glamourous snapshot but that's not the point! The whole muffin is filled with generous choc chips and it gets too sweet, you say? I GOT THAT COVERED! The drizzled chopped walnuts will help neutralise all that chocolate goodness and make it perfect, just the way we like it!

My boys were extremely delighted!

This is my muffin.. and see who's slowly gliding over to steal a bite!

                   I am one happy Mommy!